Business Registration, Updates & Documentation

Globe Ex Consulting is one of the fast and reliable service providers in town supporting businesses as the startups, growing organizations & also national /international projects. Professionals in our network & our dedicated operational team are always to support you in completing following assignments in time & also assure you from errors.

Our focus is in providing services to startups and small scale businesses in optimum cost & helps them meet all their needs of company documentations, accounts /tax, permit & authority, bank compliances & loan procedure, local level permits, industry permits, trademark & patent rights etc.

Followings are the general services we deliver under this category of services.

Registration   Licensing  & Permit   Company Update and Documentation
1. Private Company Registration   1. Education Consultancy Permit for MOE   1. Company Updates within 3 months
2. Public Company Registration   2. D category Construction Permit for DDC   2. Annual update
3. Gharelu Registration   3. Pharmacy permit for DDA   3. Name Change
4. Banijya Registration       4. Location Change
5. Udhyog Registration                Renew and Update   5. Obejective Change
6. PAN/VAT Registration                     swip  >>>   1. Under Company registar Office                   swip  >>>   6. Capital Increase 
7. Excise Registration   2. Under Small & Cottage Industries   7. AOA/ MOA Changes
8. Exim Code Registration   3. Under Department of Commerce    8. Single to Multi/Multi to Single Ownership
9. Ward Registration   4. Under Municipality / Local Government   9. Share Transfer/ Jageda Share
10. Not for Profit Company Registration   5. Exmin Code   10. Public Limited to Private Limited/ ViseVersa
11. Samajik Suraksha Kosh Registration   6. Excise Code   11. Decisions of Merging Company
12. Trademark Registration   7. Business Licenese / Permit Renewal   12. Company Merger Process
13. Patent and Design Registration       13. Interdurational Information Update
14. Copyright Registration   Liquidation/Closure of Business   14. Related Others Assignment
    1. Under Company registar Office    
    2. Under Small & Cottage Industries    
    3. Under Department of Commerce     
    4. Under Municipality / Local Government