Globe Ex Placement Service

For Applicant Candidate :-   Globe Ex placement is  willing to present select, interview & refer CVs to the vacant positions in the industry relate to accounting & finance with in its scope around. Accouts and Fnance  Professiional shall receive information,contact us for counseling, apply directly or join our session for preparation of jobs.


Business Owners/ Organizations :-   If you or yours is looking for qualified and well trained Professionals looka after yous accounts and finance, You shall contact us for any of the below listed human resources, we shall provide Resumes and Candidate for interview, in whom you can select as your requirement, We shall also help you to meet your HR requirement for accounts/ Finance both in regular or project based assignements.

1. Placement for Trained Freshers
2. Placement for Experince Accountants 
3. Placement for Finance Professionals

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