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We got an opportunity to know about your organization. We have designed one of the best products for your nature of business and would love to introduce it to you.

Product : Annual Compliance and Documentation Service

Nature of Service :
a) Accounts Management
b) OCR Documentations
c) Tax /VAT filing
d) Documentations and compliance for Ministry
e) Counseling and Consultation

Details of Service:

Annual Compliance and Documentation Service is an annual package which includes above stated nature of services enlisted in details as below.

SN Task Concerned Office
1 Book Keeping For Client
2 Preparing Financial Statements For Client
3 Periodical Tax / VAT calculations For Client
4 Monthly / Quarterly VAT filing In Tax Office
5 Tax Filling In Tax Office
6 Financial Consultations For Client
7 Audit Report Submission In Tax Office
8 Documentations & Reports Submission Office of Company Registrar
9 Documentations and Reports Submission Department of Ministry

Assurance of Service:

We assure you the service stated above through an Agreement of Understanding where we enlist all the tasks and its dateline of submission in that agreement. One of the officially signed copy will be submitted you.

Cost of Service:

Cost of the service depends on the volume of transaction and nature of business. But it is quite sure that the total cost you will pay us comes below your current spending on those services because:

  • Its annual package, so the total cost comes less than the individual cost of the multiple services.
  • In agreement, there is assurance of the Penalty for delay in submission of reports, So no additional penalty charges to the government, in Tax Office, Registration Office and Department of Ministry.
  • Saves the time and cost of manpower; dealing with individual consultants as accountant, CAs, Layer & Brokers.