Our Goals / Objectives

Our main goal is to address the problem of clients and to make them assured with reliable service. Our focus is in the effective and efficient operation / service to help our clients meet the following objectives:

Timely submission of documents

Once the agreement of understanding is been signed, we take full responsibility in consultation, preparation and submission of company, ministry and tax documents in behaif of our clients. We not only help our clients to solve the complex issues and matters relating their company tax / compliance, also incure the penalty, if deadline is crossed due to our delay in service.

Consulting service

We provide the updated information of the government bodies to our clients time and again. Globe Ex Tax / VAT consulting service and Globe Ex company registration service are our prime product, which we are focused in. We generate individual file of our clients in our office with soft / hard copy of documents for proper compliance management. We also remind our clients for timely submission of the necessary documents. We also deliver Account management, Internal / External audit services.

Reliability and assurance

Working with Globe Ex Management is very reliable and easy. We assure our clients not only with the effective and efficient operation but also we take the full responsibility if the client has to bear penalty if delay in our service. We provide the reports to our clients after completion of each task. Security of the client information has always been our major concern. So, we strictly prohibit the sharing of clients’ documents and information’s. We have been providing, on the spot service as per need and requirement of our clients. We are already in the process to upgrade our service for the clients to make it faster, efficient and reliable.

Cost minimization

Our service finally benefits the client in cost saving and from penalty.

  • We provide quality service in the very marginal cost to our clients
  • We help our client keep their accounts effective with minimum cost.
  • We also provide consulting staff and accountants with in a very low cost comparing to market.
  • We help to save the penalty due delay in submission of documents and reports to government.

Multiple services under single platform

Once any business signs the agreement of service with us, we take care for document preparation, dealing and submission to all the concerned departments and office. Multiple services as of layer, Accountants, Management Auditors and Broker provided under a single platform with in our company. This saves both the time and cost of our clients.

  • Globe Ex Company registration / Documentation service.
  • Globe Ex Ministry / Department documentation and compliance service.
  • Globe Ex Accounting management service.
  • Globe Ex Tax / VAT / Audit Consultation service