Govinda Gautam

Secretary Federation of Nepal Books & Stationary Business ( FNBSB) Pokhara

I ,myself and behalf of my federation , would like to thank Globe Ex Management , their Chartered Certified Accounting Consultants & Professionals for fruitful and practical one day consulting session to our members .The session was interactive and our more participating members from all Pokhara valley benefit in getting proper consultation & guidance relate to the accounts and taxation of their business.

Ramkrishna Simkhada

Principal Vinayak Siddha College

I am hiring professionals time and again from Globe Ex Management Since 4 years . So I am happy enough to take some of their services still now .I am mainly satisfied with Globe Ex Professionals as they are available at my emergencies & are trustworthy for long term need .

Rojina Bakunchhe

Accounting Student Batch II

I have taken a startup accounting package 1 year ago at Globe Ex Management . I got the job placement opportunity from there itself .What i feel is , i am always apricated and has been center of demand wherever i worked . With in short period of time in a year , I am been able to handle accounts , consulting , preparing internal financial reports and even deal tax issues in tax office.